Liam Alfred Clark

Interior Designer | Explorer

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- WHO I AM -

    I am a graduate of the University of Cincinnati's College of Design Architecture Art and Planning (or DAAP).  I began by pursuing a degree in Architecture, but through exposure to courses in Interior Design I decided to make a pivot.  I dedicated myself to exploring the science behind our interior environments, and to this day I find this decision to be the best one I have made.  In October 2013 I left Cincinnati in order to explore the West Coast, and was drawn in by the Bay Area's zeitgeist.  In December I finalized my move and have since been an active participant. 

    I believe that the expression of Interior Design is greatly enhanced when explored and expressed in different ways.  I also believe that Interior Design is a human science at its core.  In moving to the San Francisco market, I was able to focus on the interior environment and explore in the exterior environment.  I believe in healthy environments and the positive results that can be accomplished when we can create them.  I also believe in personally seeking inspiration in places unexpected.  It is my opinion that a designer has an obligation to remain open and never cease to seek knowledge and understanding.  

    Please, feel free to look around.  I hope that you will find an understanding of who I am and what interests drive me.




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