Liam Alfred Clark

Interior Designer | Explorer

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Selected Work Outside of Studio

      As part of our curriculum I was also enrolled in a multitude of classes producing papers, products, and visualizations.  Courses scaled from Mtaw, Gtaw, and Oxy welding to phenomenological research.  Furniture-making and multiple computer program courses were also taken outside of studio.  

Digitally Fabricated Acoustic Baffle | Digital Media Skills | 2.13

Our class was designated to use both Rhino and Maya to design an acoustic baffle.  The resulting digital model would be suspended in the ceiling structure and use a mixture of laser cutting and hand assembly. 

Convergence Chair | Furniture Studio | 11.11

The furniture studio in the fall of 2011 was a crash course in the creation of an abstraction of an Adirondack Chair.  By utilizing different 3D programs I was able to conceptualize the final form and then manufacture it with the help of a CNC Router, a wood shop, and 6 screws.  The design is meant to be joined using friction only in order to preserve a collapsible product.  I used Sapele and Birch ply to accentuate the idea of forms converging. 

Artist Spaces | Place and Dwelling | 03.10

The 'Place and Dwelling' seminar taught in the winter quarter of 2010 was the prime inspiration to transfer into Interior Design.  The class combined elements of phenomenology and psychology in order to examine and evaluate spaces.  The final report I produced was an evaluation of creative spaces ranging from artist studios to creative offices.